Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Book Review By James Myers, The Entertainment Critic-First Family by David Baldacci

First Family by David Baldacci





By David Baldacci

Published By: Grand Central Publishing

Publication Date: April 2009

Price: $27.99

464 Pages

ISBN-13: 9780446539753


            David Baldacci is the best political thriller author working in modern America today.  The best-selling author of 17 straight books on the NY Times list, he remains a consummate professional in his genre.  With nearly 80 million copies in print, in over 40 languages in more than 80 countries, his body of work indicates that I’m not the only one who loves his books.  His newest book, First Family, is a first class political thriller that seems to be torn from the headlines of today’s newspapers or political blogs. 


            The President and the First Lady have what seems to be an ordinary children’s birthday party at Camp David, a political photo op that seems fail safe.  The Presidential retreat should be the safest place in the world for their children, but a daring kidnapping that turns into a political nightmare and national security failure raises concerns that rock the President and the First Lady as well as the citizens of the U.S.  Our favorite former Secret Service agents, now private investigators, Sean King & Michelle Maxwell are called in.  Seems that King saved the First Lady’s husband years ago when he was a senator for political suicide, and now he is the only one that she trusts to search and rescue her abducted child.  No easy task, in typical Baldacci style, you as the reader become completely involved in this unpredictable, unique, bold story.  The race to save this innocent child despite overwhelming outside, unknown influences makes this one the best political thriller of the year so far.


            The thing I love about all books Baldacci is his ability to pull the threads of a story until you are in, and by that I mean way, way, way into his work and his incredible ability to introduce us to issues that are slightly under the wire, but incredibly compelling.  A first-rate story teller and instructor, his books jar you and fascinate you at the same in the most unique, striking fashion.  If you like reading and have even a mild interest inn politics, check this one out.  This one is a great read to kick off the summer season.






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