Monday, July 28, 2008

New Political Post From The Entertainment Critic: Why John McCain Has Missed the Point

Why John McCain Has Missed The Point

By James Myers

The Entertainment Critic

Over and over and over again, Mr. McCain has driven home the same ridiculous point: the surge is succeeding. McCain claims not only is the surge the succeeding, but that our troop levels are down to pre-surge amounts, there is peace in Iraq, and America’s troops are coming home victorious. Most if not all of the above statements are inaccurate. But my favorite daily dose of McBush rhetoric is the now famous statement that Barack Obama will not admit he was wrong about the surge, that Obama is wrong not to admit the surge has succeeded and further the should credit McCain with good judgment in voting for the surge when Obama did not. Mr. McCain, you miss the point sir.

The point is sir we should not be in Iraq in the first place. The point, sir, is that over 4,100 men and women had died serving our country where the American people were misled about weapons of mass destruction. The point, Mr. McCain is that you voted to have us enter a war that was based on totally trumped up public relations and put all of these fine men and women in harms way. The point Mr. McCain is that you did not exercise good judgment entering us into that war. The point Mr. McCain is that you were wrong 5 years now after the start of this illegal and immoral war when ‘mission accomplished’ was being declared, when you said, our adventure in Iraq would be fast, produce little American “bloodletting” and “be paid for by the Iraqis.” The point Mr. McCain is that your bad judgment on that issue has not led to the capture and trial of the criminals that perpetrated 9/11, as Bin Laden roams free in Afghanistan. The real point is Mr. McCain that your surge may have never been necessary if you had been more or the maverick you’re reputed to be and voted against that war in the first place. Never mind that the war in Iraq is a $10 million a month drain on our economy. Never mind that the war has driven friend and foe alike away from us. Never mind that the price of oil has skyrocketed. Never mind that your daily gaffs and misstatements belie your frightening ignorance on what is really going on in the world. Never mind that you are essentially a candidate whose record is pro-war and anti-vets. Never mind that your voting records for the veterans who fight your illegal war is atrocious. Never mind that you are a one issue candidate, whose own party seems by the actions of our current President to be drifting closer and closer to taking actions that have been espoused by your Democratic opponent. All of this seems to just slide off of Teflon John.

Let’s face some facts Mr. McCain. You blew it. From the start of this fiasco, you blew it big time. You quibble on Obama’s stance to withdraw troops and argue about time lines and horizons. You rhapsodize about appeasement, inexperience, and Obama’s youth, but your judgment with all of your experience when we need you most was poor. Very, very poor and now all of America is paying for your poor judgment. Yet you persist everyday in requesting that Obama acknowledge that the surge is working, as if somehow that gives you a leg up in this debate. The truth is Obama was against the war in Iraq from the start. The truth is that he recognized that we should be pursuing our real enemy in Afghanistan. The truth is that Mr. Obama realizes that the days of ‘going it alone’ without the support of other nations in matters of world wide interest, like wars, are gone for good. The truth is, sir, that if anyone should acknowledge that they made a misjudgment, it is you Mr. McCain. The surge would have been completely unnecessary if we had not invaded Iraq. The complete truth Mr. McCain is that in that misjudgment alone you have shown yourself to be something other than presidential. And for that gaff Mr. McCain, you owe the entire country not just an acknowledgment, but an apology. That is why Mr. McCain your point about the surge working in meaningless. That is why you have missed the boat. The boat, the train and the plane. The point is sir, on what may have been the most important vote of the 21st Century, you were wrong. That is why Mr McCain, it is not Barack Obama who missed the point; it is you.

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